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#1 First Read

The Methods and information you find here have evolved through my thirty plus years of coaching and representing people purchasing their homes. I also taught these unique Methods to over 25,000 people who attend my Seminars For First Time Home Buyers… Continue reading #1 First Read.

#2 Realistic Perspective

We all agree that house and home is one of the most important aspects of our lives and one of the most important investments in most American’s lives. For most of us the first home also serves as leverage to our dream home as our income and lives mature but can also become a money trap if we buy the wrong home. So I think it is important that anyone buying or selling real estate have a realistic perspective of the real estate and lending businesses… Continue reading #2 Realistic Perspective

#3 Who Writes These Articles?

I was in real estate for fifteen years before I would admit I was a real estate broker. I held the idea that people were put off by the aggressive behavior that so many real estate agents thought was necessary sales maneuvers and, that very few people trusted real estate people. Looking back I’m not quite sure why I stayed in the business… Continue reading #3 Who Writes These Articles?

#4 How to Finance Your Home

I have met many people in my thirty plus years of real estate that gather misinformation and consequently convince themselves that they cant own a home for a long time and so give up. Most of them are moving into their new home soon after they gather what I call ‘useful’ information. And those who must wait implement a precise plan, then walk down the path they have planned and sooner than later own their home. ‘Useful’ information is the key… Read More About #4 How to Finance Your Home

#5 Your Credit and Financing Your Home

The experts will recommend you check your credit first. What good is there in checking your credit unless you are an experienced credit expert? For home loans every borrowers situation is unique and requirements vary with loan type. You can’t be expected to know what is adequate. Best to not allow the “credit experts” and elaborate web sites to complicate credit. Notice they all have a product to sell you. Through the years I have talked with many many people who would like to own a home but think it’s not possible because their credit is not adequate… Read more about #5 Your Credit and Financing Your Home

#6 Zero Down Loans, Grants and Assistance for First Time Home Buyers

Everyone wants you to own a home. States and some cities offer assistance. Also the USDA loans are no money down, the VA for veterans is no money down and FHA is only 3.5% down. And some states offer loans to pay the FHA 3.5% down payment requirement so, no money down. Yes! There is assistance and a lot of it. The problem is that many people that could use the assistance don’t know that it exists or only find part of what’s available… Read more about #6 Zero Down Loans, Grants and Assistance for First Time Home Buyers

#7 Loans For Home Buyers

FHA, VA, USDA, Assistance, Grants and Conventional. A first time home buyer is someone who has not owned the primary residence they live in for three years. Information on loan types can be overwhelming. Its not necessary at this point to learn these loan types in great detail. It will be good for you to have an overall perspective of the loans and some information on the USDA, grants and assistance before you interview loan officers… Read more about #7 Loans For Home Buyers

#9 MCC Tax Benefits for First Time Home Buyers

You’re in for a nice surprise. The tax credit available for first time home buyers will save you more money than the $8000 credit offered in 2009. Some people are saving more in the first four years. And the credit continues for the life of the loan! Read more about #9 Tax Benefits for First Time Home Buyers

#10 Your Key People

A friend’s son called from another state to ask how to go about buying his first home. He asked “what is the one most important thing I can do to optimize my chances of success”… Read more about #10 Your Key People

#11 Selecting Your Lender and Loan Officer

Loan officers are commission paid selling their lenders loans and not obligated to explain the loan that will best serve you if their lender does not offer that loan. The fees, points and interests rates vary from day to day and lender by lender… Read more about #11 Selecting Your Lender and Loan Officer

#12 Loan Approval vs. Pre Qualification

I watched a situation unfold after a loan officer issued a pre qualification letter and suggested the people look at homes, which they did. They found a home they liked, quickly fell in love with the house, made an offer, accomplished agreement, paid for inspection, opened escrow and returned to the loan officer to begin the loan process. A few days later they where informed that they qualified for less than the pre qualification letter stated… Read more about #12 Loan Approval vs. Pre Qualification

#13 Consultation Interviewing Loan Officers

The loan officer you select is one of the most significant decisions you will make so, through the years I have developed and refined a process for you to use for interviewing loan officers and real estate agents. It came to be called Consultation… Read more about #13 Consultation Interviewing Loan Officers

#14 Loan Application

Something I hear from loan officers over and over again. Don’t pay any lines of credit down, close any credit card accounts, pay any past due accounts or transfer any money, like a gift from parents, until the loan officer looks everything over…. Read more about #14 Loan Application

#16 How to Buy Your Home

Here is what I taught over 25,000 people that attended my seminars. A very organized Step by Step System that took them from the first Step of gathering their information all the way through interviewing and selecting a loan officer and real estate agent, financing, a comprehensive search and purchase process, indentifying the best homes in their market, negotiations, and inspections to the final and best step, picking up the keys to their new home. Now its all here for you… Read more about #16 How to Buy Your Home